About Us

The Tesla Dynamic Coils team provides creative MR solutions to clients around the world.
We have our own expert developers for MR-compatible Electronics and Mechanics, as well as experienced users within MR, and an excellent support team for quality assurance and project management. Together we bring healthcare to a next level.

Our History

Tesla Dynamic Coils (TeslaDC) is a new company founded by the shareholders of TESLA Group (>400 employees , group revenues  ca 50 M€) in May 2019. We have partners in the composite material industry (Futura), prestigious University Medical centra, and MR Vendors. 

Our Vision

It is our mission to improve patient diagnostics & therapy by creating innovative, fast, and versatile MRI technology. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to accelerate scientific research and provide services for research and development of products on a global scale. We work together with leading research institutions, MR manufacturers, and hospitals and are on our way to:

  • become a thought leader in quality and safety of medical imaging devices;
  • grow and become a market leader in diagnostic imaging development.

We want to deliver innovative and reliable solutions that meet the wishes of our customers, and ultimately improve patient quality of life. We do this by designing and producing High end RF-coils.

We place high value in continuous improvement, which will result in a healthy growth of our company with satisfied customers, employees and shareholders.

Our Team - Tesla Dynamic Coils

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