MR-LINAC systems combine imaging aspects of MR with the treatment aspects of LINAC (short for Linear Accelerator) in one system.Tesla Dynamic Coils has developed multiple MR-LINAC head coils for research purposes since 2020. 

This head needs to image the head, as well as be radiotranslucent for LINAC purposes. This poses a complex challenge for the choice of materials, both electrically as well as mechanically. 

Results have been very positive. The first model in 2020had a increased SNR of 2.8 as compared to the original clinical MR LINAC coil.

TDC MR-LINAC head coil model

Improvements in 2022

The second model is in testing phase since Q1 2022. The head coil has a 8-channel RX setup for 1.5T. In-vivo imaging is shown on the right. 

While the coil is optimized for imaging, further improvements are done on Usability, comfort and packaging. 

Final model will be shown soon.

TDC MR-Linac Phase 2 model

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