MR-Linac coils, PET-MR coils, high flexibility coils and more.

This section “Hybrid coils & Special projects” shows current products (pre/post release) which we offer

Tesla Dynamic Coils offers custom research possibilities for any project related to RF-coils. We have developed and built multiple coils for the Medical, Food and Chemical research market and are always interested to broaden our horizons. Below are our most recent projects.

MR-LINAC Head Coil

  • MR-LINAC head coil, first of its kind
  • High SNR (Signal-to-Noise)
  • Radio translucent
  • 1.5T
  • 8ch Receive setup

SILENZIO: Silent Insert gradient coil

  • Low acoustic noise (as opposed to system noise)
  • Fast 1H scanning
  • 3T
  • 32ch Receive setup

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